Hello Tuesday! I should be writing my assignment right now but can you really call yourself a student if you're not doing everything else apart from what you should be doing?! On top of my current lack of motivation to do any-th-ing - I am ill. I guess it had to happen since it is now Winter here. As much as I love drinking hot chocolates and snuggling in a blanket - this over abundance of colds and flu going around I do not love.

Life lately has been studying, assignments, work and trying to juggle everything else. There are days when I am great at it and then other days where I am so hopeless. Today is one of those days. If you are a major multitasker please leave me some tips - right now I feel like I could use some extra help!

As the weather has gotten colder I find myself wearing more and more fluffy stuff. I completely adore any jumper, top, coat, any garment that feels like it is the missing element of Monsters Inc. The jumper above has been my go to for the last few weeks - so soft and warm!

Today I finished listening to Artemis by Andy Weir. It was the first audiobook I have listened to and I have to say I really enjoyed it. This year has challenged my book purist self and I have not only expanded to read on a kindle but have also ventured into the realm of audiobooks. Maybe all the extensive advertising has got to me (also this is not an ad). If you read The Martian or are into humorous sci-fi and Rosario Dawson then I feel like you'll like this one. Rosario Dawson really made it for me - she was so good and I was completely in awe of her having to deal with different accents and making it believable. If you have any suggestions for audiobooks - send them my way!

Reading through this post I realise this has ended up as a little catch up :) Hopefully it won't take me too long to post the next catch up! How's life with you lately?

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