Barcelona Part 1.

Welcome to part one of my recent Barcelona trip :) At the beginning of October I took Mum to Barcelona as a late birthday present! We took an atrocious amount of photos so will be breaking this 3 day trip into 3 posts. Coming from London - I couldn't believe how warm it is in Barcelona at this time of year. It was such a blessing to be able to wear some summer clothes.

Even though we were only there for 3 days, we had managed to walk over 55km! Barcelona is one of the easiest cities to walk around in with everything we wanted to do within 30 minutes walking distance. It was a great excuse to get some exercise in without feeling like we were actively doing so. With the weather being so beautiful it seemed almost a crime to jump on the underground when we could walk for just a little bit longer. I easily fell in love with Barcelona. 

I enjoyed probably the best fish dish I have ever consumed in my life! Thinking about it - all the best fish dishes I have eaten has been whilst I have been in Spain. Unfortunately I didn't take a good quality photo but it was at a lovely restaurant called Sucursal Aceitera - if you are in Barcelona I highly recommend seeking this place out. We were incredibly lucky or maybe Barcelona is that plentiful but everywhere we went was filled with cute cafes and delicious food! 

It feel so odd to write about this trip when I am sitting in my warmest pjs whilst trying to type a little faster to warm my fingers up (we don't have any heating at the moment as the house is being redecorated). 

Have you been to Barcelona? If you have, where was your favourite place to visit whilst there?

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