Unwind with Me | Painting Cherry Blossom with Watercolours

I finally did it! I painted. For Christmas I asked for some watercolour paints and brushes so I could have a go at painting which my mum graciously gifted. They have been sitting in the corner of the room ever since glaring at me to be used! The last time I used any sort of paints was in primary school (a lifetime ago!). Excitement and uncertainty ensued whilst creating this picture. It turned out so much better than I had hope and thought I would have to scrap a few before I felt happy with anything I would have created! 
Bullet journalling is something I have taken great joy over the last six months and I feel like this is an extension of that. It brings me so much peace and joy to doodle, draw and now paint. I chose to paint cherry blossom as I have been loving a floral theme in my bullet journal but also because I wish I could go to Japan for the cherry blossom season

You can also watch how I created this picture on youtube :) 

What do you do to unwind? What is currently inspiring you? 

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