Happy ridiculously belated New Year! I can't believe it's taken me until the 25th to write this post.
Instagram/Youtube has taken over my blogging brain. I hope your new year has gotten off to the best start.
How crazy is it to be writing 2017? Makes me feel so old to realise that I can remember it turning 2000 with vivid clarity..I swear we should be called time travellers with how fast time is going

So far this year has been a good one - I managed to finally realise my dream of going to see Hamilton (I got tickets for 2018)! In all seriousness this year marks a few milestones for me 

- I turn 26 - the age that my mum had me
- Brian and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary 
- I will have completed my first year of nutrition and enter my second

If those three lines don't make anyone feel like a growed up - I don't know what will! For me a sense of being an adult and feeling like what my ideal of a grown up so far hasn't married together. I have noticed that I have written about this quite a few times in the last few years and it's something I can't quite help going back to. I definitely have more responsibilities and my thought processes are definitely geared about making the future better but I don't know whether I feel like I am what my ideal of a grown up is. Will this come when I own my first house? When I have a child? Will I be fortunate to be able to do those things?  

So with the start of the new year comes the typical changes and the hope of a more productive me. I started a bullet journal back in October and I absolutely love it - not only is it making me slightly more organised but I am enjoying the creative outlet it brings. 
I recently downloaded Asana Rebel and I love it. I have a gym membership but with the trains being crappy and time being something I don't seem to have a lot of - having an app that will plan my workouts for me is a blessing
This month is also when I decided to do the Whole30 - it's something I have been wanting to do for a while now but didn't think the festive season was the best time to start. I am in my third week and definitely seeing the benefits, I feel as if I have more energy, less groggy when I wake up, my skin is clearer & brighter and I feel a little lighter. Brian is also doing it with me and we have decided to continue with the principles of Whole30 when we are done with the 30 days but with a one day reprieve each week! 

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