Tide Tables.

These photos were taken at the start of the Summer. It's so funny - these were meant to be the start of a new me, a more efficient blogger me. Needless to say that it didn't exactly go to plan. I did put in the work and took lots of photos and video content throughout August. Somewhere between capturing the content and posting on this blog I got lost. I got lost in life. I love creating content and I love posting but I have been getting so lost in reading the books that have captured my imagination, watching the programmes that transport me into a different reality and my friends/ family who embrace me with their warmth and being. 

So now I'm going to try and bring a little more of that here. See you next week! 

What I'm wearing: Sunglasses ~ Cheap Monday | Kimono ~ Love | Playsuit ~ UO | Shoes ~ Converse

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  1. Really digging this look! Blogging can be hard sometimes, looking forward to your next post!


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