Munich. What a wonderful place. I honestly didn't think I would like Munich as much as I did. Especially Oktoberfest. For some reason I thought it would be full of unreasonable drunk people (I work in a pub, I try to avoid drunks as much as possible) but it wasn't. Oktoberfest was full of lively and happy people. Having wonderful weather and food would make anyone happy. We were meant to go to Oktoberfest only one of the days whilst we were there but we enjoyed it so much we went nearly everyday.

Marstall was the only tent we went to and it was perfect. We mostly stayed in the beer garden enjoying the sun. I had even managed to get sun burnt - definitely a feat I didn't imagine that I would accomplish at the end of September! I even drank some beer. A lot of beer. Whilst I am not against drinking, I have decided early on in my life that drinking copious amounts of alcohol is not for me. However, I figured as I was at a drinking festival I may as well try a beer or two :)

Please do not view my photos of alcohol as a suggestion to go out and drink - nor am I condoning excessive alcohol consumption. Please, please, please drink responsibly and if you aren't of age - please wait until you have come of age :)

Viktualmarket & Pschorr. I love food and I love markets - put them together and I'm the happiest person. On our last day we headed to Viktualmarket as we were given a recommendation for a restaurant there. I was so pleased as we had gone past it on a city tour bus and had hoped we would get a chance to visit. Viktualmarket is a warm, vibrant and bustling market even at 11 am in the morning. There were so many cute stalls full of different kinds of foods, handcrafted goods and flowers. I wish we had more time to explore the market properly! 

Pschorr. Oh my lord - was the food good. We had a sharing platter full of different kinds of cold meats and rye bread. I really shouldn't have had as much bread as I did but it was so good. But it meant I had little room for my main course when it arrived. I had ordered the beef goulash - I was not prepared for the sheer size of the dish - it was massive. I'm still upset and ashamed of myself - I could only eat half - despite its deliciousness. One day I will go back and finish it!

Another thing I was surprised by whilst in Munich is that I really liked the coffee there. If you know me, you know how strange this is. I have a huge disliking for coffee but there....I really liked it. 

Supermarket. My most favourite thing to do when I go abroad is to head to the local supermarket. Hell, it is my favourite thing to do when I'm home. There's something about roaming the aisles of foreign but oh so familiar food. Germany is the home to Haribo and we are seriously being deprived over here. There are so many types! Don't get even get me started on Milka! Aha. It is probably a good thing!

The apartment building was a minutes walk from the hotel. The architecture in Munich was so interesting - you had a stark contrast of the historic buildings in the centre and then super modern glass buildings on the city's edge towards to airport! I wish I had taken more photos! 

Overall Munich won me over with it many different ways to serve potatoes. Honestly, I didn't think it was possible and I am so glad that I have now found it! Potatoes are my favourite.

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