I feel like a gunslinger with this harness on. Oh boy do I wish I was a space cowboy some days. I guess this is the closest I am going to get. I am slowly making my way through watching the first and only season of Firefly - savoring every moment. I find once I get stuck into something it starts to influence how I dress and that's how it should be - everything that we dedicate time to should inspire in some way. 

Back to the outfit - I couldn't resist the leather harness when I saw it in the F21 a few weeks ago and it was really inexpensive too :) The shoes I have been waiting to show off since Christmas but the weather has been too poops to wear them until recently. They are waterproof but I just didn't want to expose them to the harsh elements. They're my Bowie Boots :)

What I'm wearing: Harness/Dress |  F21    Shorts |  H&M    Shoes |  IDesireTheThingsThatWillDestroyMe


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