My Little Super Box

My Little Super Box was last month's little box. I'm super late with the review, I have had all the photos and video on my laptop for weeks but just haven't been in a blogging/anything mood. Mostly I haven't really been in a technology mood - opting for reading lately. Sometimes you need the break :)

Back to the review - My Super Little Box - the contents. 

My Little World - This issue is probably my favourite out of all that I have read so far. Full of vibrant images, cute recipes and one of my favourite bloggers (wishwishwish).

Stickers! - If you haven't already guessed from the exclamation mark, I love stickers. I never have any use for them generally but these I actually did use. It was my sisters's birthday last week and use them to jazz up their wrapping! These stickers are full of empowering slogans and cute superhero themed daily essentials :)

Caudalie Hand Cream - This stuff smells absolutely amazing. They smell like an orchard of oranges or what I imagine an orchard of oranges to smell like. It glides over your skin like a dream and leaves your hands incredibly soft. Definitely one of my more favourite beauty products.

Kerastase Cristaliste - This is a perfecting hair conditioner. This I felt didn't really work with my hair very well. It was an ok conditioner but I think it would work with people whose hair is a lot finer than mine. I find I need a really strong conditioner when I condition my hair. However I have only used it twice so maybe I'm not giving it enough of a chance. I'll finish it up and update!

My Little Beauty Lips and Cheeks - A coral lips and cheeks crayon. Again their packaging is adorable and I really love the colour of it. I just wish it suited me. It is a little too bright for my skin tone on my lips - which totally sucks. I am yet to try it on my cheeks yet though, so hopefully it will suit my cheeks more :)

My Super Tee - I lovelovelove this so much. For some reason I find it incredibly funny too! It is slightly oversized which makes it very comfy and it has become my favourite lounging t-shirt. To me there's not many things better than lounge clothes - being comfy is the best!!

Overall Impression
The beauty products are a little hit and miss this month which is to be expected! I can't love every product they include in the box every month but the hand cream more than makes up what the other two lack. The tee shirt was such a great thing to include and I hope they do more of these :) I really loved the theme of the box and it definitely didn't disappoint. As always I'm excited for my next box!

I also filmed an unboxing/first impressions of the box! Watch it below :)


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