I may just start calling this blog "The Roll Neck Diaries" or "Carmen Can't Stop Buying Things in the Sale". Jokes aside - it is ridiculously cold in London at the moment. We even had snow! Roll necks are saving my neck and half my face from the cold, harshly typical English weather. Though when I shot this, it wasn't that cold yet! I could just about get away with taking a few shots without the coat whilst keeping some feeling in my arms. 

This top isn't quite sure if it wants to be a top or dress and I'm cool with its ambiguity. I love it so much I also bought it in a burgundy colour. Considering it was only 5.99, how could I not? Also the jeans were only a pound more. All too cheap. 

However my spending has got a little out of control this month and am now gonna have a huge review of  wardrobe. I have way too much and my wardrobe is starting to resemble an oozing, overflowing monster that looms in the corner. Expect a huge blog/depop sale soon :)

What I'm wearing:     Trench |  Nastygal    Top | Pull&Bear    Jeans | Pull&Bear    Shoes | Deandri 

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