If you got the title's reference - I salute you! These corduroy dungarees are so Velma from Scooby Doo it hurts. As much as I hate trends, I am really loving this revival of the 70s in fashion at the moment. Deep, rich colours, big floppy hats, long flowing hair, fringing and my most personal favourite - turtlenecks - what is not to love?! 

Missguided has become my new favourite online store. Even more than ASOS - and that's a huge deal. I can't go on there without wanting to buy at least 5 things and them announcing 40% extra off sale definitely didn't help. These dungarees were my third package in the last week and have another one in the post. I should place some kind of child proof lock on sites I can't help myself too - if anyone is aware on how to do this, please let me know! 

My new blogging schedule of posting every Tuesday and Friday has slightly gone out of whack. For this I apologize and so does my body. I got sick. Again. Because clearly my body doesn't like being healthy. I am feeling loads better and can now direct my energy back here :) 

What I'm wearing: Corduroy Dungarees |  Missguided    Hat | ASOS ( See similar here & here )    Top |  Zara    Over The Knee Socks |  UO    Shoes |  Deandri


  1. I adore the colour combinations here! Absolutely stunning outfit - turtlenecks are my favourite! I'm always grabbing them from charity shops haha!

    I've quit online shopping this year and I have to say that it is incredibly hard. Since I started working for myself this year, unsteady income has probably been the only thing that has made it easier. I never really know how much money I am going to make which stops me spending it!

    I can very much relate to the blogging schedule problems. I keep getting awful headaches and have been without my normal medication which has ruined it all!

  2. Hahah that Velma reference is SPOT on. I didn't even think of that but now that you mentioned it I cant unsee it. And I'm with you- I support the revival of the 70's 100%. I love all those rich colors and fun textures. Leather and suede always seem to pep up any outfit. And aahhh why did you show me Misguided?! I've been so good on my spending ban. Though at least the prices are pretty reasonable on there ;)

    xo marlen
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  3. I as soon as I saw the purple and yellow I instantly thought Velma too haha love the dungys

  4. Hi Carmen! I'm so glad you to see your comment in my blogpost, it's nice of you to stop by, glad your blog still look as amazing as always :) Love the color combinations of your outfit, I'm not very brave to wear two bold colors together but it worked so well for you.. you definitely rocked the style! :) Love the hat too!

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  5. Ah I love these dungarees and I am loving the 70's vibe of this entire outfit. I really need to get on Misguided. Such a cute outfit, you rock it!

    Samio x

  6. Your jumpsuit is amazing. Your fashionable high heels and your jumpsuit are a great match. <3


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