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Over the past few months Zara and I have fallen in love. Or rather I've fallen in love with Zara. A high street store hasn't quite captured my heart in this way in a long, long time. Aha, love stories aside, how cute is this jumper? Oversized, tall, soft, cosy turtlenecks have been my current obsession over this Winter. As you know, I'm not too keen on wearing tonnes of layers - so I grab warmth where I can get it. I have also just accepted the fact that I now love jeans. They used to be something I shied away from, mainly because they were just so basic - but now I welcome how basic they are + especially how comfy they are. This outfit has been on  heavy rotation over the past few weeks due to my complete laziness aha. 

I shot this outfit twice - playing around with locations and different hairstyles + hat. I'm still getting used to my camera and finding shooting in low light to be a little testing - so I chose my favourite shots from both times. Please excuse how image heavy this post is and I hope you like them :) 

As I said a few post ago - I am definitely going to be dedicating more time to this blog. I am now planning to post every Tuesday and Friday - so keep an eye out on the blog on those days for new posts.  

What I'm wearing:  Hat |  H&M   Jumper |  Zara   Jeans | Zara   Boots | H&M 


  1. hey carmen! thanks for the nice words on my last post. I was def having a bummer moment today. haha but anywayyy, i love this look! you are the cutest! <33

  2. These days I buy most of my clothing second hand but I've got to say that I've had a huge soft spot for Zara since starting my blog! Reading this post makes me want to rush there and go on a mad shopping spree (although I'm gonna try my best not to haha)! My boyfriend and I totally fell in love with the store when we were in Portugal a couple of years ago and I still don't think I've ever had such a deep love for a high street chain so I definitely relate ha!
    I love your outfit and that hat looks amazing with it! I also must say that you are insanely beautiful!

  3. You look awesome! I love that jumper and I adore Zara too. My local one is closed for refurb at the moment otherwise I'd be there straight away looking for lots of cosy jumpers! This is an awesome buy and the stripes make it a bit different!

  4. Love the strips


You're the best!

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