Park Street Dive

It's not really warm enough to wear this outfit like this currently - but as you know I don't pay attention to how warm it is. Which is probably why I'm in bed sniffling into tissues and coughing my lungs out. A lesson to those of you who are like me. I kid. I wish I was sick due to the cold weather but the truth is, I have been so run down lately. I think I have now been sick for a whole month - thank you body very much. If anyone has any sort of remedy for the common cold that maybe I haven't tried, I would love to hear it!

Back to the outfit - Continuing my love with Zara's sale, I went back. I couldn't help myself. This top was only £3.99, how could I resist?? A nice comfy top for easy pairings, like this skirt. I also got this in the sale :) I love the silhouette the skirt gives me, it is super fitted and has a lovely small slit at the back. However, it may be a tad too fitting, where it sits at the knees makes it hard to walk not unlike a penguin. I've only worn it a few times, so hopefully it will have more leeway soon. If not, walking like a penguin is quite fitting for this time of the year!

I recently discovered a band called Park Street Dive and have been listening to them non-stop! If you haven't heard of them, definitely check them out. They play the sort of music that makes you want to dance silly, wish for Summer days and sing a long as hard as you can :) The lead singer also dresses so well!

Here's my favourite song of theirs 

What I'm wearing:   Top |  Zara    Skirt |  River Island    Shoes |  Yesstyle  


  1. Your outfit would be very great for the summer hahaha :D but no worries, blog posts have no boundaries -- we can post whatever outfits in whatever season we like.
    I don't know if you've tried lemon and hot water before, drink it as often as possible. When I was catching a cold I usually just drink something warm all the time, not eating fried food just soup or steamed, and drink meds. Sorry if it isn't helping too much, but I hope you'll get better very very soon! xx

    Adeline Yang

    1. I wish it was Summer so bad aha, I guess it is showing how bad :)
      Thank you for your recommendations! I've been drinking lots of hot water and lemon and extra honey too. Thank you for your well wishes, I'm feeling a lot better now :):)


  2. Lovely skirt, you look amazing in it!


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