Oh Wonder

This is my grown up bag and my growed up shoes. Not that my other stuff isn't grown up - just the bag and shoes to me feel grown up. I'm nearly 24 and I still don't consider myself as a grown up. That's probably because the people I view as grown up have lost their sense of wonder, imagination and excitement. I don't want to ever lose those things, so I have a hard time viewing myself as such. My vision of being grown up is very different, I think it is something you accomplish because you wondered, imagined and was excited about something or other. One day I'll get there but right now I'm happy with not being quite grown up. 

As usual I'm babbling, back to the outfit. My best friend, Maya, finally came back from her Christmas travels and she brought me back the best ring. The best. Moons, stars and silver are what I mainly look for in jewellery and she managed to find it all combined into one :):) It is so pretty!! Thank you!!

Everything else I'm wearing I got in the sale. Sales are the best and also the worst. Only the worst because I bought so much. Though some of it is justified. I needed a sturdy bag for all my uni stuff and just everyday general life - and this bag works wonders. It also feels like a proper bag, I normally carry everything around in a cotton tote bag, so this is a big step up! Ah, only one of the items was justified. Though the jumper and jumpsuit were absolute bargains, so how could I not resist?! 

I know some of you are probably looking at my outfit and thinking it is way too cold for this time of the year. But in my defense, the jumper is heat tech and it is seriously the warmest thing. I pretty much got away with not wearing a coat all day when I wore this out! The shoes I have no defense for, I just wanted to wear them. My feet were cold.

I filmed an OOTD video with this outfit which should be going up over the weekend, so if you want to see it in motion, keep an eye out for that over on my youtube :)

What I'm wearing:  Jumper |  Uniqlo     Jumpsuit |  Zara     Bag | Zara     Shoes |  Zara     Ring |  Maya :)

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