Detroit. That's what is says on the front of my denim jacket. I normally hate dislike things that have some sort of slogan on it but with this jacket I couldn't resist. I actually think Detroit would be a really interesting place to visit :) Plus it had literally been sitting in my saved items on ASOS in months. When it finally made its way to sale - I couldn't resist. Especially as I don't have a casual denim jacket in wardrobe. 

As I mentioned in my last post - I have really been into basics. Like really into them. This shirt is further proof of my ongoing obsession. I got it from the men's section in Forever 21 and it is the comfiest shirt. I love how grandpa-ish it is, the oversizedness and the plain oatmeal colour of it. The only downfall this shirt has is the fact that isn't quite as long as I would like it to be but that just gives me an excuse to wear these new shorts. Mesh is another undying love of mine and any excuse to sneak into an outfit I'll take! 

What I'm wearing:    Hat |  H&M    Jacket |  ASOS    Top |  F21    Shorts |  Boohoo    Shoes |  H&M


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