Black Hole

Please excuse the three month hiatus. I've been incredibly busy and incredibly overwhelmed. The last three months have brought the start of my third year of uni, more shifts at work and finally earning a role or six in a local musical. To say that there are not enough hours in the day would be an understatement. I wish I could be some sort of superwoman but unfortunately my body just won't cooperate. This blog has always been something of a journal, something I can look back on when I'm older, as well as being something you can read and look at. I will try and blog more. I really do miss posting on here. 
I hope you like the new layout. I changed it up over the weekend and also purchased a domain name. Mainly as a token of commitment to my blog. I may have been lax but I'm definitely not ready to give it up.

Outfit Details Mesh, mustard tones, denim and body jewellery - these are the things that I've  really been into these past few months. It's getting really cold here so I'm leaning towards a more cosy-er feel but if you've been following my blog over the past few winters, you know I'm not the most Winter appropriate girl. Year by year, I'll get there! I have this body chain in gold as well, I found them on ASOS in the sale and I couldn't resist. I've never been into jewellery, mainly because I have a habit of either breaking it or losing it - regardless it is a new found love of mine :)

What I'm wearing:    Hat | Monki    Top | Missguided    Skirt | ASOS    Body Chain | ASOS    Rings | Chxrmed 

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