Bare Minimum

What I'm wearing: Top | Zara  ♥  Shorts | Vintage ♥  Shoes | Pretty Little Thing ♥  Bag | Vintage ♥  Ring | Regal Rose ♥  Bracelets | Gifts from Maya :)

Currently we are having our living room redecorated, which is why the walls look like they do. I really like them like this, when the sun is shining in the room, it seems to bounce off the walls. Unfortunately, it'll all change soon. Until then I'm gonna take advantage of it, as it makes quite a nice neutral background :) 
I have recently rediscovered these pair of shorts. You probably got sick of seeing them a few years ago, when they were on here constantly. You may get sick of seeing them again aha. They are so ridiculously comfortable, its unreal and they go with anything. Anything. It's been so hot lately that I was just want to wear something that's easy. And there is nothing easier than these shorts. 

As always, watch this outfit in motion :)


  1. Hi! You are so pretty and I love this look very much! Shoes are perfect!
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  2. your shoes, I die

  3. Your shoes tho :o Lovely outfit, you're very pretty!

  4. I love your boots! They make such a statement with this outfit. And I love your bracelets. I've never seen anything like them, so cute!


You're the best!

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