Super Mario

What I'm wearing: Jumper | Bershka Dungarees | Vintage  Over The Knee Boots | Primark 

I am "one red hat away from looking like Super Mario" according to my boyfriend :) My aversion to actually staying warm in the Winter is going strong. I'm getting too carried away with the weather reports telling me it's going to be around 9 degrees and not realising that the wind is actually -9 degrees. I'm sure one day I will learn but not any time soon. 
This outfit is an outfit of bargains. I succumbed to the siren call of the end of sale sale and let my feet carry the rest of my body into Bershka. I've only ever been in there once and wasn't overly impressed but was a little won over this time round. I found this pretty red cut out jumper in the sale for £3.99. I love finding things at the end of sale, they end up really cheap and are generally the last of it's kind. Makes finding and buying it even more satisfying knowing that you got there just a little bit faster than the next sale frenzied person.


  1. very cute!

  2. your videos are always so creative! love the overalls w/boots & sweater. such a cute look!


  3. Your outfit here is so cute :3


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