Hello 2014!

What I'm wearing: Cardigan | Yesstyle T-shirt | H&M Jeans | Monki Shoes | Deandri Watch & Necklace | UO 

Happy 2014 :) This is an extremely belated Happy New Year aha. I  had wanted to post this earlier but what with my new laptop deciding to completely crash on me, I had to wait until it was all sorted before I could post. 
With every first post of the year, I  try and create a little list of what I want to accomplish for the year. So continuing with this tradition here is my list :)

<< I would like to try rock climbing and archery
<< To continue to eat healthy and maintain keeping active
<< I want to finally build my shoe wall in my room :)
<< To involve myself in more drama classes/productions
<< To get a new job
<< To continue to update my youtube regularly and find a schedule that works for updating my blog
<< To read more books

I have a few more but I wanted to keep the list short and simple. I don't like to make new year resolutions, as they never seem to work. Just writing a little list to work towards seems so much more achievable :) 

See this outfit in motion :) 


  1. hi babe!
    i love the video!

  2. Nice your look! Great jeans!
    Angela Donava

  3. Love the detailssss lady.


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