Just a few of my favourite shots from this blog from this year :) Can't believe that it's going to be 2014 in less than 2 days! This year has gone by so quickly, so it's nice to take a little breather to look back on the year.
Last year I made a list of things that I've accomplished during the year and I'm going to do it again. Things of note that has happened or I've done this year:

♥ My boyfriend and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary (only 4 more until we reach the decade mark!)
♥ I flew in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon
♥ I finally quit talking about being healthier/toned and just did it
♥ I started going to Drama classes
♥ Went clay pigeon shooting
♥ I got over my fear of watching/ hearing myself speak and made more videos for my youtube channel

2013 was a good year but next year will be better :)


  1. Man I love your style :) i like the idea of listing accomplishments or highlights of your year. I'm going to do that! :) flying over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter sounds so nice. Im glad you accomplished some good things this year :)

  2. Looked like a good 2013.



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