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What I'm wearing: Hat | Carin Wester Top | ASOS  Cardigan | Yesstyle  Skirt | Yesstyle  Hellbounds | Unif

British weather is like a child who's had too much sugar and just can't sit still. Not even for a moment. That's what it was like when I was shooting this post. One second sunny, the next cloudy, warm and then windy.  I hate it when the weather is this indecisive and cold. I like Autumn but I like it when it's warm. There's a cold chill in the air and you can feel Winter on its way. I'm starting to adapt to the colder months and it has only taken me my whole life. Layers are fun, sure, but I'm a one layer kind of girl so I'm finding it hard. But recently I've fallen in love with big, cozy, snuggly, warm jumpers and cardigans. I was so happy when I stumbled onto this cardigan on yesstyle. I've been wanting a cardigan that drapes at the front for the longest time and now I have one. No longer will I be cold......until the Winter actually hits, aha. 

Before I go, I'll leave you with my latest video :)


  1. Great!

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  2. Haha I totally agree about the weather it's a pain to dress for, one minute you're shivering then the next you're sweating cause you've put too many layers on!
    This outfit is veeeeery sexy! You look amazing girl!

  3. Girrrrl, work it in that skirt. Looking so stunning.

  4. You should try moving to Melbourne! Our weather is so ridiuclous - it makes organising events more than a few days in advance a very risky excercise! Love the skirt - at least you can face the crazy weather with style!

  5. Those boots were certainly made for walking. They are HOTT.


  6. Hi!
    Like your first look! Nice coat and shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Angela Donava


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