Warmer climates

So you may or may not have been wondering where I've got to! Wonder no more :) Right now I'm in Greece, yayayayay. Good food, lots of sun and lots of sleep. Much needed sleep. Because the seasons are changing so drastically back home in London, I've constantly felt exhausted the last few weeks. Does that happen to any of you? 
In my absence, instead of my normal outfit posts, I thought I would post a youtube video :) I did a little ....random facts about me video! Enjoy and let me know if I should post more of my videos on here more frequently. 


  1. Your name is Carmen Rita ? That common here in Portugal ! Ahahah ! I like Carmen a lot ! ^^
    I'm very diferent of you , I love walking without socks and camping . But , I also hate coffee and love Japan , Cooking , Autumn & Green !
    BTW , I love your accent and the name Moon ! 8D
    -sorry my english- ._.

  2. Hope you're having fun! Stay safe.


You're the best!

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