Snapshot weekend.

Friday 1. Cake at L'eto Caffe in Soho.
Friday 2. More cake, I got a slice of carrot!
Friday 3. Becky and Steph. Our last cake outing, as Steph is going back to Canada soon :(

Saturday 1. So hot, Ruki passed out on the stairs.
Saturday 2. BBQ time.
Saturday 3. Lounging clothes. Trousers are vintage, crop top from UO.
Saturday 4. Too hot for lounging clothes. Changed into some UO shorts and chucked on a F21 leather vest.
Saturday 5. Looking happy :)

Sunday 1. Brian's (my boyfriend) birthday!!! The first ice cream cake I've ever had. 
Sunday 2. Messy hair and no make up, too hot to do anything.
Sunday 3. Dinner in the garden. 

I've been wanting to do a 'photo an hour' post for ages but honestly my days are generally so boring it would be a struggle to find a good photo for every few hours let alone one! But this weekend was a little more busy than usual so thought I would try and take a photo every few hours for the whole weekend :) It's been a lot of fun! 

I was gonna include what I'm doing tomorrow in this post but figured there were enough photos and didn't want to overwhelm you. I'm going clay pigeon shooting tomorrow for Brian's birthday and I'm really excited ~ I've never fired a gun before! I'm gonna try and take photos of that too! 

Also I've finally posted the Q&A video up on my youtube channel. So if you've asked me a question, you can finally see how I answered them :) 

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  1. Love you blog, you have such a pretty style :)
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    Hugs :)

  2. Cute post, and I like both of look.

  3. Nom nom nom, love the pics.

  4. Cute post, and I like both of look.
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  5. nice photos, i love them!

  6. I'm in love with that white leather vest it looks like such a go-to summer piece. I like the idea of taking photos of your day every hour/few hours; it's interesting and something i might want to try on my own blog soon... Overall it looks like a fun weekend with good food (I also just recently had ice cream cake for the first time and it is totally delicious).

  7. you are so pretty,nice pics! :)

  8. Gosh, this post made my mouth water a billion different times! Everything looks so delicious, goodness gracious! (The picture of your cat is SO ADORABLE.)
    Jessica | Vixenelle

  9. Hi! Mmm so tacty photos!!! Like this!!!
    Angela Donava

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  11. so delicious cakes ! awww

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  12. i hope clay pigeon shooting was fun, I still haven't done it because of the price :<
    also the ice cream cake looks so yummy, I hope it tasted nice ^^

    Miss Plaid Girl


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