Happy New Year!

So it's New Years Eve! Another year has flown by. Out of all my 21 years I've never known a year to fly by as fast as this one has. As I'm sure with all of you, it been a year of ups and downs. But lets just concentrate on all the goodness that has come from this year such as ~

~ I started classes in Japanese
~ I did go to a few dance classes, like I wanted to do in my New Years Resolutions list from last year!
~ Finally got over my fear of hearing my own voice and made a Youtube channel, which you can find      
~ Went to a blogger event or two
~ Expanded my shoe collection
~ My bf and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary
~ Saw Alexisonfire before they broke up
~ Dyed my hair

Not an extensive list but I'm happy with it! I'm sure 2013 will be bigger and better. I'm going to Vegas in February and I'm so excited.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope you all have a lovely New Year! I hope you're all celebrating in style :)) and thank you to you all who have followed this blog on this year's journey!!

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  1. i love your list of accomplishments! And I'm going to check out your youtube channel :) I HATE hearing the sound of my own it sounds so different in my head. lol

    have a happy new year!


    <3 Yeasol from theferrytale

  2. i just saw your video, love your accent and more tutorials please and im gonna follow you on instagram too.
    happy new years!!!

  3. cute ears!

    happy 2013 carmen!

  4. I love your list. I think I'll make one of my own when I do my New Year's post tomorrow. And I'm going to have to check out your youtube! Happy New Year, Carmen!!!!!

  5. need to check out your YT.
    and Happy 2013 look forward to more fab looks.


  6. Stop it - you are too cute for words! I love this look. Hope you have an amazing 2013!

    <3 Melissa

  7. happy new year, carmen! agreee!!! 2013 will be bigger and better! :D

  8. happy new year pretty!
    you look stunnig like always

  9. This year went by so quickly for me too! I love the list of accomplishments, such a lovely idea!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year too! :)
    PS: The cat ears are too cute on you!

  10. Love your blog, now i follow you, follow me if you want. Kisses from

  11. great pic <3 ps: happy new year you too dear <3

  12. happy new year pretty. can't wait to see your post from Vegas :D

  13. Love your cat ears! Sounds like you had a pretty good year, may 2013 be just as fruitful!

  14. aww happy five year to you lovebirds! and that's so cool you started a youtube channel- i'm glad you conquered that fear! I can't wait to see what you whip up for 2013, and that picture of you is the cutest thing everrrr. Must get cat ears like that.

  15. Oh man! I really wanted to see Alexisonfire before they broke up - glad you got to! Happy New Year :)

  16. oh my gosh, i love your coat so much!
    i wish you all the best for the new year, and i hope you'll reach all your goals. :) but most importantly, have fun and enjoy anoter great year! <3

  17. you look so pretty!!!and congrats on the 5 years wow:) xx


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