As a Christmas present to my mum, my sister and I brought her tickets to Paris! So on Friday off we went on the Eurostar to Paris for 2 days. It was 2 days filled with lots and lots of walking. I haven't walked that much in years, haha. As well as the walking, we also did a lot of shopping and eating. I went to a few vintage shops recommended by a friend and was pleasantly shocked at how cheap everything was. I now have an overload of polka dotted items (one of the shirts I brought I'm wearing above). So expect a lot more posts filled with polka dots! Though we went to some other stores, such as Etam, Stradivarious and Eleven Paris. Eleven Paris was an amazing little shop, the clothes were gorgeously simple and I wish I hadn't spent most of my money in other shops, as I found such a lovely shirt I wanted there in such a lovely shade of green.

The first place we went to after we got off the Eurostar was Sacre Couer, which was amazing. You had to walk up a bazillion steps and then you were greeted by the sight of a beautiful church. The most rewarding part of visiting there was the view. It was gorgeous, you could see across most of the city. Also we went inside the church and there were nuns singing and they had the prettiest of voices! 

The next day we went to this lovely cafe called Cafe de Flore, which was so so lovely. I had the best hot chocolate I ever had there, and some really yummy French onion soup. This was the best place we went to eat, it was so busy and bursting with people. 

One of my favourite things about the city was the graffiti and posters that were placed everywhere. Whilst
shopping we came across a Mario on one wall and a really cool horror style poster that was peeling off on another. Though my favourite one was definitely the wall with "regarde le ciel" sprayed on it. 

Sorry about the amount of photos, I took a lot!

Carmen Ri

What I'm wearing:
Black Jacket  Vintage
Denim Shorts  Vintage
Striped Crop Top  Topshop
Flat Shoes  Next
Buckled Shoes  JC
Polka Dot Shirt  Vintage
Polka Dot Shorts  Mink Pink
Socks  Topshop and H&M


  1. greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat pics! :-)

  2. Wow looks like you had such a wonderful time - everything looks so pretty. The yummy macaroons and all the wonderful graffiti. Can`t wait to see all the clothes you bought!


  3. these photos are awesome!

  4. so so beautiful chickpea, i'm glad theres so many photographs they're lovely to look through

  5. Paris is an awesome,eclectic,lovely,wonderful city!! It looks like you had lots of fun ! Lucky !! Kiss :*

  6. it looks and sounds like it was amazing, such beautiful photos too!


  7. Ohh, it truly looks like the most incredible city! <3 And the macarons look delicious; nom nom nom!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  8. wow.. looks so fun... :)

  9. I love all the photos, looks like you girls had the most amazing time. every single outfit you wore is fab.


  10. So lovely !

    xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  11. I love all the color! The posters and graffiti are so cool-- I love the personality they add to the city.

  12. Amazing!! I'm actually planning a trip to Paris in September, and I can't wait!!

    <3 Kelly

  13. great photos!


  14. You have one lucky mom! I want to go to Paris so bad!! Looks so beautiful and fun!

  15. Wow, so jealous of your time in Paris. The photos look incredible!

  16. what beautiful pics!!! love your polka dots outfit!!! its really gorgeous!! and your shoes too! ^^


  17. Very cool outfits.

  18. Oh that's such a nice gift that you two gave to your mom and it looks like you all had such a wonderful time in Paris! So very jealous right now. haha :)

  19. You all look great! :) Love your polka dot shorts!


  20. great photos! Really nice :)
    Love Lois xxx

  21. oh everthing looks so french! I love that you put so many photos... I would love to go to Paris !

  22. I love these photos! and what a great present! tickets to Paris! Wonderful city you captured all the great things about Paris :)

  23. oh my gooooddd i love all the pictures above!!! especially the rainbow chairs...
    no no no, especially everything!!! you look gorgeous on that second picture with the vespa! :D

  24. amazing pictures! I love Paris, it's an amazing city! Macarons <3

  25. Thanks so much about my shoes , i love yours too, i am fan of your looks, and follow your blog :)
    I adore yours legswear


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