Hiiiii! So here are some of the goodies that I mentioned in the last post. Recently, I've been shopping mostly in vintage shops, and even managed to get the boy to come along with me, hehehe. The blue coat is one of my favourite things I've brought lately. It's just so blueeeeee! Haha. And it reminds me of ones little girls wear, albeit blue rather than yellow.
I couldn't decide on which shirt to wear that day, the pink shirt or the candy striped one! I really love the combination of pink and blue together, just reminds me of when that was my favourite eye make up combination. But the candy striped one is just so pin up girl for me. In the end, I went with the favourite pink and blue! Do you like the last photo of me in the blue rain coat? That's me trying to dance......oh god!
The sunglasses are so much fun, normally I don't really mind too much what the sunglasses look like, but I have noticed that the ones I do get are generally quite big, but these are amazing!
The lipstick I'm wearing is actually so cool. It's by Barry M, and its green until you put it on your lips and then its pink! My friends and I are in awe of that fact it does this, its like magic!

Carmen Ri


What I'm wearing
Raincoat ♥ Beyond Retro
Pink silk shirt ♥ Urban Renewal
Candy striped shirt ♥ Beyond Retro
Feathered Shorts ♥ Bitching and Junkfood
Sunglasses ♥ Urban Outiftters


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the colors! This is so bold and refreshing.

  2. Are those feathers all over your shorts??!! Love!! Those sunglasses are beyond amazing. These are some really awesome pieces.

  3. Those are some of the coolest sunglasses I have ever seen. and hey, you're pretty lucky to have a blue rain coat! Very cute.

    xoxo mama wolf.

  4. wow your style is amazing! The jacket and top are to die for!

  5. Great jacket on rainy day;P

  6. love the jacket and those shorts are awesome

  7. Love your outfit - so cute! Your striped top is amazing, i need one haha <3

  8. I just discovered your blog few minutes ago and am in love with it, i think your outfits are reaaally gorgeous and you're soooo cute :)

    I'll be back to read each new post here,be sure :)

    For the moment i'll come again later when i'll have more time to watch the Archive :)

  9. J'aime ta chemise!!! C'est tres belle!:)

    Angela Donava

  10. You have such a unique style! I love it!

  11. super cute! love the bright blue :)

  12. I love your face! almost reminds me of bjork.
    & if that's your room - it's absolutely PERFECT.

  13. Gorgeous rainbow ;)


  14. I love your colours! Tres fab!

    xox Vanessa


You're the best!

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