Lace and Frills.

Hii. Life is rather hectic at the moment, though thankfully there's a half term break coming up and summer will follow shortly. I'm so looking forward to the summer! Here's what I wore today, for once it was sunny and warm so didn't require the assistance of tights or a coat! I got lots of onlookers proclaiming "Woooow" and somebody even said I looked like I stepped out of a fairytale! It's always sweet when you get praise from an outfit.

I am now two decades old. Twenty. Hahaha. Though I think it will be a few more years till I really feel like an adult and "grown up". Though, in Japanese culture, you are considered an adult at twenty...and they even have a coming of age ceremony. Unfortunately they don't hold these ceremonies in London, but my lovely grandmother and auntie and uncle, sent me over a kimono which, I will post on here soon.

Thankfully, my Japanese family weren't hurt in the tsunami/earthquake due to them living in Osaka. But the situation in Japan is horrible and heartbreaking to see what damage has been caused. There hasn't been a day since its happened that I haven't thought about what has happened and my thoughts go out to those who were/are affected.

Carmen Ri


What I wore:
Shirt ♥ T.B.A
Petticoat ♥ Vintage
Socks ♥ Urban Outfitters
Shoes ♥ F Troupe
Headband ♥ H&M


  1. Greaaatt pics :)
    love the headband!

  2. lovely!
    check us out

  3. glad to hear ur family are okay!

    i love the headband and i simply need that petticoat!

  4. Oh wowee , this is thee cutest thing ever. I bloody love tba.

    Helen, X

  5. Ok, you're officially super awesome. Following you. Love the geisha make-up.

  6. OMG you look frigging amazing!!!! love it.x

  7. This is the cutest outfit post I've seen today! I'm in love with the dress...


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