It fills the warmth of blue

Hi. I did it! I managed to do a new post! Yay! Woop woop! Hahaha. I took these a few days ago, and now that I'm really ill, I have the time to post them. I'm ill....again. The second time in a matter of weeks, I swear my body doesn't like being well. Pfffft.
Here's the jacket, that you could kinda see in my last post! I love the yellow stripes on the black. The blue dress (it's fast becoming my favourite dress) is such a pretty blue.....even though I shouldn't have, I couldn't resist buying it! Apparently in this outfit, I look like either a "Russian cheerleader" or "A Russian out of work actress", hahahaha. The knitted cobweb scarf was knitted by mum :)
In 12 days, it's Christmas!! Can you believe it? I can't wait, I love love love Christmas. I love the magical feeling of waking up on Christmas day, the excitement of what's under the tree, the day of non stop yummy food and spending time with loved ones watching silly Christmas movies and Doctor Who. I guess, I hope, I'll never grow out of Christmas. Enjoy the holidays!

Carmen Ri        ♥

Hat H&M
Scarf Knitted by my mum
Dress Urban Renewal
Jacket Urban Renewal
Shoes Doc Marten's


  1. GORgeous photos :)

    I love this dress and the hold ups

    you look just amazing

    Char x

  2. oh my goodness, aren't you just adorable.
    i love your blog!
    oh my gosh. every post is just...heaven. xD
    and my aunt thinks we look alike. i can..i can kinda see it. o_o

  3. I love the new title picture!

    And The dress is beautiful. love your blog

    Cant wait till the next post. x

  4. i'll be back for sure!
    loving your blog, keep it up!
    hope you're having a happy holiday!
    and come visit the new revamped COSMICaroline!


  5. i love these pictures! amazing extravagant outfit :)

  6. god i hate getting sick lots so i hope you feel better soon - and adoring your blue dress! x

  7. i always like the dress you look beautiful!

  8. adorable look! you look so warm and ready for snow :)


  9. I love that dress - the shape is great! x

  10. i love the stockings and doc martens combo

  11. love the effect on your photos! xx

  12. These pics are aweosme girl!

  13. I want your dress, it's AMAZING! Like the blue sky.<3
    xoxo from Sweden!

  14. I want your long socks and your shoes
    Where i can buy the same :)


You're the best!

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