Om nom nom nom....

Heyyy! It was my little sister, Alice's, birthday ( she's the one with the hilarious face, just about to take a bite of chicken) on Monday. So, mum, Zoe and I went with her to an okinomi yaki place in Covent Garden. 
The food was soooo om nom nom nom...hahaha. I wanted to take more photos, but the weather was rather crap. I was a bit weary wearing this dress, as I thought it might rain and have to wear shorts as its rather short at the back, but the dress is awesumm. It reminds me of something I would wear as kid, ahhhh the 90s. My mum saw me and said it reminded her of a dress she wore as a little girl, haha. 
So far this summer has been pretty good, a bit lazyyy but thats all going to change now that I finally have a JOB!!!! I've been really lucky as well, I don't know how, but I landed a job at Urban Outfitters, I'm so excited, I start on Sunday. Wish me luck!
Have you read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? The book is amaziiing. I've already read all three in the series, and really disappointed that the author died after turning the manuscripts in. He could've written so much more, I hate it when I become attached to books, knowing that there isn't going to be more to come. But, if you haven't read the book, you should look it up!

Hope you have a great weekend!


What I'm wearing:
Blue Blazer ~ Vintage
Dress ~ Vintage
Shoes ~ Office
Bow ~ H&M
Bag ~ Ebay


  1. Happy B-day to Alice!!! Love your dress, if I saw you on the street I def stop and look and think wow. x

  2. That dress is amazing :D reminds me of something i'd have worn in the 90's too, hah, i want it! Loads of luck with the job, sure it'll be great :D

  3. happy bday to your sister you both look like dolls ^^ i love you eye mae up too and nice outfit :3

  4. Wow, that's gonna be an awesome job, congrats! I went up to London the other day and saw the ship in the bottle too, it's so cool!
    Love your outfit as always :)

  5. you look so adorable! tat dress pattern is too lovely
    happy cake day to alice!

  6. The dress is amazing :)!!

    Good luck at your job :D

  7. the dress is gorgeous. i love the print, it really suits you.

  8. i think your new header is absolutely adorable!! i love your hair and the way you wear headbands, they look so good on you;)
    love the colors on that dress♥

  9. I love your dress, the color looks so vibrant and beautiful!
    Happy birthday to your sister :)

  10. you guys all look adorablee !!
    happy bday to ur sister :)

    its odd.. but we also have those mama club ketchup bottles here in indonesia ! lol

    ps i got your magazine features scans already..
    whats ur email ? :)

  11. Congratulations on the new job at UO! And that okonomiyaki looks soooo good--I used to make them at home with my dad when I was younger, and now it's making me hungry! Your sister(s?) are so cute and your boots are adorable as well :)

  12. Happy Birthday Alice :)
    Shes Cute x

    And i absolutley LOVE that dress.!

    Hollie;QueenBee x

  13. By the way
    i Love how your wearing those black shoes with the blue socks!
    Something i've been doing recently :) x

  14. such adorable photos... you make up is amazing!

  15. I loved how you looked. Great color, and cool shoes.
    happy b-day to your sister, and that food looks really yummy.


  16. I need your blue dress in my life :)

    Visit my blog : )

  17. i absolutely love love your dress!
    your sister is adorable too :]]

  18. Happy Birthday to your little sis :)

    Your make up looks lovely

    and im loving the print on your dress too

    Char x

  19. you look great in that dress! i love the different shade of blue in your socks.

    i love the 90's too!


  20. happy birthday to your sister!
    lovely photographs. xx

  21. you and your sister look so cute
    and your headband is fab <3
    I think that their is also a movie for "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" also
    congrats on the new job


  22. You are so adorable sweets!!!!!!

    take care

  23. That dress is stunning! And are you eating okanomiyaki??? I love that dish!

  24. Nice dress



You're the best!

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