In France

Heyyyyy. So yesterday I went to Lille with Brian and his parents. It was a lot of fun but we didn't stay too long, just one night. But we fitted a lot in that one day. We went shopping, walked about, took a few pictures and ate lots of yummy food hihi.
 But also before we headed back to the hotel Brian and I went on the huge ferris wheel thats in one of the main square. The ferris wheel was so BIG! I'm scared of heights and knew I was mad suggesting to go on it. When the wheel started to move I screamed like a little girl haha, not my finest moment. My hand it still very sore from where I was holding on to the bar haha. I would've felt a lot safer if there was some kind of seatbelt. Grrrr. Anywayyy how was your weekend?

When I was shopping in Lille, I didn't find much. I found it funny that the only shops I brought anything from was shops that I could find here. But all the shops were stuck in winter mode, so only sold the same thing in the same colours. But I found this skirt, hihi, yes its another tutu-esque skirt. I wonder how many I have now hmmmm. Though this one is very girly and romantic. It came from the children's section in H&M, I just managed to fit in it. The snow is gone!! Hurrah! The weather is quite warm now, which is soooo nice. Bye Bye cold weather (I hope).

Have a nice week.


What I'm wearing:
Jacket                    Vintage
Vest                        Marc Jacobs
Skirt                       H&M
Shoes                     Office


  1. very cute outfit :)
    I'm planning on going to france too with a few friends, hope it's as good as everyone says!

    Theory of a fashion victim

  2. So pretty xxx


  3. amazing picture! glad you had loads of fun in paris and conquered you fear of heights;)

    xx raez

  4. cute skirt loving the bows ^^

  5. Paris??? What a great citty! Lucky you :D!!
    Happy 2010, btw!

  6. I can't believe you found that in the children's section, awesome! You're so cute, and your photos are great.

  7. Mmmm, Paris! I'm so jealous!! How I would love to be there even if it was just for a day!

    That ferris wheel does look quite frightening lol!

    And I love your tutu skirt, I think you always look great in them:)


  8. gorgeous! lovely photos.

  9. love the checkered it a necklace? can't quite tell..:D

    and i know how it's amazing finding something at the kids section... my fave hoodie was found at the kids' section..and some other great stuff!

    ps. love ur hair..

  10. just found your blog- i really like how your outfits are fun and lighthearted.
    the skirt you are wearing here is wonderful

  11. the photographs are sooo beautiful. the bows on your jacket are so adorable!

  12. Such a beautiful post! Love the pics and your style is absolutely fantastic!

  13. I've just discovered your blog. Your pictures are beautifuuuuuul! Oh, I heart your style, too :)

  14. I love the all-black outfit with the bow necklace.

  15. Beautiful stunning photos you took! Ohhh man,how I wished I could have gone to France too.

    So in love with your blazer and it has adorable ribbons on it. Ohh yes and the skirt too,where did you buy it from? Such a lovely color.

  16. kawaaiii^^
    love it..


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