Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Helllo. I think I may have one too many photos, heehee. Its snowing here in London and I have a cold which is just typical *sneezes*. Hopefully it'll leave me before Christmas. I woke up and saw the snow and my immediate reaction is *pictures*, so I grabbed my camera and ran out to the garden. Though it was too cold to stay out for too long so decided to take photos inside where it's all cosy and warm. I ♥ my new jumper, it's all snuggly and oh so comfortable heehee. When I saw it I did my high pitched *squeal*. Hello Maya!!!!! Hello Nancy!!!!! The wonderful Alexandra from B a La Moda tagged me for an award.

  I have to say 7 funny things about me. Hmmm this is hard.
1. I do a really high pitched *squeal* when I see something I like.
2. I think the most silliest things are funny.
3. I really love puzzle games and 1vs.100 on XBL is my current addiction.
4. I'm always hungry (I'm really hungry right now)
5. I can't watch my self or hear myself on camera or any recording device at all, I get really squeamish and embrassed.
6. I love reading and get totally immersed in series, so I tend to get really upset when they end or when I have to wait ages till the next one comes.
7. I love Korean pop, I'm not Korean (I'm half Japanese) and can't understand a word unless they sing in English but I love it heehee. Big Bang, G-Dragon and 2NE1 are the best haha.
I pass this too : Libs Valencia Lia Raez Sher

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

What I'm wearing:
♥ Jumper         Zara
♥ Leggings       H&M
♥ Skirt             Zara


  1. Pretty photos!

  2. love the photos ^^
    i didnt get much snow in my town :(

    and omg i want ure jumper ^^
    i also love ur new header ^^

  3. You have the coolest style EVER, is swear :) I cant believe its snowing in dear old LDN! The day i leave to go to my country house, it snows. damnity damn. lovely photos!
    Panda xx

    *follows you*

  4. Gorgeous pictures! It's barely snowing in Manchester.. i want snow!

  5. love all the photos and the striped bottoms :)

  6. Hi! Thanks so much for your comment :).
    I'm going to live in London in January, I'm so excited!
    Kiss from Spain

  7. lace gloves = adoreable.

  8. The snow looks quite pretty and I like it this way: from a picture/safe distance.

  9. These pictures are so adorable and the snow looks beautiful! Love that sweater and hair, too! I wish I could pull off a cute do like that!

  10. Oh, thanks for the award, sweetheart!! *________*!!! I love it!!

    Yaw, I wish it was snowing here, I love snow!!

    For entry at Lookbook, you'll need an invitation... if you send me your e-mail, I can send you one :)

  11. You look so cute in that sweater!! I would do a high pitched squeal too if I find something so adorable! And omg, so much snow!! I wish it was snowing here, you'll definitely have a white white Christmas:)

    Congrats on the award and thanks so much for passing it on!


  12. OMG SNOOOOOWW! You lucky thing, i went to London early in January and it snowed as well. It was fnatastic as it was my first time seeing them ^^
    Lov eyour outfit, it looks comfy <3 Ahhh im still loving the look of those snow pictures haha. I miss making snow man :(

    Waaah same here, i squeal a lot when i see cute things. It's unbelievable but hey i guess im not the only one. Hhahah i LOVE K-POP too, i think their songs are awesome even though i've got no idea what their singing about xD

  13. Hello , your blog is on my fav blog list.On sunday I write a post for blogstar this week i choice your blog for this post.You can see that on my blog.


  14. I love it girl!! You look stunning! xx

  15. I love your jumper and your garden looks like a picture from a storybook!! xxooxoxox

  16. how cute is you sweater! i lvoe the snowy pics as well;)

    xx raez

  17. Carmen, I'm liking your new blog layout! It's been so long since I've been properly online to check out my fav bloggers!

    You are looking super cute (as usual) in this outfit! And I'm so jealous you get to have a white xmas!!!


  18. Cute outfit! awesome photos, I love that little skirt!

  19. omg lovely photos!! the snow looks so beautiful i wish it snowed here in melb!! and i love ur short hair style so adorable!! x

  20. wow! my gosh!
    amazing pics!!
    lovely blog

  21. i love how that tree looks in the snow. very dr. seuss like!

  22. yay, snow! :)
    Love your sweater

  23. gorgeous pics! love the jumper!

  24. so pretty!
    Love your jumper, very cute.

    Theory of a fashion victim

  25. You look awesome!! Love the sweater. It is so special and unique. And the snow make the picture even more beautiful. I like your 7 things.

    B* a la Moda

  26. thanks for the mention :D!
    hope you had a good xmas and the bunch of pics at the beginning are soooo cute.
    cant wait to get back from serbia and meet up :D:D
    maya xxxx
    oh have a happy new year tooooo

  27. Gorgeous gorgeous top and I love love those leggings with it too<3

    Love love all the thick snow around you. We don't have it here at all:(

  28. happy holidays loving ur pics xxxx

  29. Lovelypictures :) Hope you had a nice christmas!

  30. I do think the most silliest things are funny too, and that's why I laugh a lot! yay! you go girl!


  31. you're so lucky to get so much snow!
    it's beautiful


  32. Love The Blog!


You're the best!

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