So happy I could die......

Hello peeps. I know I showed you this dress in the last post, but it wasn't a great picture so now you can see it properly ^_^. BUT I really wanted to show you my new SHOES! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I love these shoes, they are amaziiing. I was shocked when I found them in Primark, normally they don't have nice shoes. They were the last pair and in my size, I was so happy when my bf got them for me heehee. 

Anyway enough about the SHOES heehee, how's your week been? 

I've had most of the week off from college which has been great, I'm soo tired lately that I keep falling asleep all over the place haha. 

I saw New Moon on Monday with Nancy and Brian, and hmmmmmmm I loved it, it was so funny in parts. The acting had improved on the first film. I adored the Volturi, they were so eccentric, I thought Aro was played magnificantly. Though the ending left the whole cinema going *gasp* or *wtf* hahaa. 

Have you seen Paranormal Activity? There's been alot of hype about this film. I finally saw it with Nancy and Brian. I have to say it was terrible, we had to fast forward half the movie it was so boring and then when it was supposed to be scary it wasn't. The only thing the movie did was question how they did certain things. 

Apart from seeing movies, my week has been filled with watching supernatural and listening to Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster and Rihanna's R Rated. They are both so good!

What movies have you seen? What's on your playlist atm?

Ok, I think I'll shut up now.

Have a good weekend.

What I wore:

♥ Dress by Reko

♥ Top   by New Look

♥ Shoes by Primark


  1. Hello Carmen! You look super cute in that outfit. The color of the dress is lovely. I really want to get something on that color after I saw the Chanel nail polish color. I have no words for the shoes. They are awesome. Love them. Primark? You are right. I usually don´t like their shoes.
    Yes, I do have a baby girl. She si 17 months old. She is my joy.

    B* a la Moda

  2. so cute!
    Primark are really stepping it up, they are also stepping up their prices too though LOL.
    gotta love them though as those shoes are awesome, I'd expect to see them in topshop or office (:

    Theory of a Fashion victim

  3. amazing photos! totally lovable :)

  4. you're too cute! love your hairdo girl! and your shoes as well <33

  5. Aw, I love your style too! Cute with an occasional rock 'n roll twist, very awesome indeed! :D

  6. you look adorable in that outfit. the shoes are amazing. primark does some wildly good shoes sometimes. and you've got to be so lucky to find them before they sell out.
    i am desperate to see new moon... and having the coen brothers new film on my list too.
    i am can't seem to get the 3oh3 featuring katy perry song out of my head... i thought it was annoying at first, but now am a little obsessed. check it out if you haven't heard it yet. xx

  7. you're so cute!
    i love the shoes.

  8. Lovely dress!! I love the way you layered with the striped top! The shoes are also amazing! I've just watched New Moon and it was a let down but definitely better than the first one. xxooxoxox

  9. Really cute outfit! That shade of seafoam green looks great on you.

  10. Those shoes are awesome; the striped tee under the dress is a nice combo too.

  11. Carmen!!

    Its okay if you wore your blue dress again,I'll never get tired of it as it really so gorgeous.
    And I loved that you paired it with a striped tee:)

    Those shoes look so so stunning,so sweet of your boyfriend to get them for you. I heard Primark has amazing clothes,guess they're stepping it up with the shoess as well <3

  12. ohhhh yes,I LOVE your new header toooo:)

  13. carmen, i seriously love this outfit , ah, and adorable shoes !! anyway, i need your help on my blog, thanks !

  14. oh god, the shoes are incredible.
    cute pics with the lollipop, i love it x

  15. Gosh, great shoes! I must have a look at them at Primark!!
    So, do you recomend that film? Mmmm, I guess I'll see it... but first I want to see Where the Wild things are!!

    Cute as always, dear Carmen!

  16. You look so stunning!

  17. Your baby blue dress is so pretty. I love that you mixed a softer piece with those amazing shoes!

  18. Your shoes look amazing, can't believe it's from Primark! They have some great bargains, don't they??

    Gosh, I may be the only person whose yet to see New Moon!

  19. the dress looks so perfect with those stripes!

  20. VERY cute!! I love the stripes with the shoes! And, I love your hair cut!



  21. hey carmen!
    i spent the week end doin some prom
    for my blog , its just exhausting sometimes
    but nobody will do it if i dont
    shame i didnt see any of these movies , i was so keen
    to see PA is it really dat boring ? omg
    supernatural yeah ...haha love these evil stories
    and oh I heart bad romance , the only one I listend till now
    and bout riris album im like ... I was quite disapointed at the begginning
    it was like hey i was expecting so much more from you riri ...
    but now its like russian roulette -even if the video is quite weird, is so addictive
    i aint used to love sgs but te amo is soooo .... !
    bout wait ur turn ? uugh im loving everyday lilbit more
    dats it !

  22. the color of that dress looks wonderful on you!

  23. Love the color of this dress! It´s simply perfect. I like the way you combine it with a swather do dress it down :)

  24. Lovely dress!!

  25. re:I was really shocked that I could still wear that jacket too,so funny. heeee

  26. I love the shoes!
    Can't believe that they are from Primark, have to visit again!
    Thanks for the sweet comment dear!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  27. cutest outfit, i love the layering and your hot shoes!

    xx raez

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