Geekkk love.

hello!!! How are you enjoying Autumn? In London, its been dismal and gets dark at 4, too early!! Here are my little finds from Portobello Market. I love it there as it reminds me of when I was little.
I kind of went bow mad haha. I saw the necklace and couldn't help myself. As Joyce and I walked through the market, it felt like I wouldn't find anything but then we stopped in this little stall which was filled with the cutest things(which you can see in the last photo). I found the cardgian there and the little hat, what made the place even more adorable was the lady who ran it. She was so cute and nice.

This is my attempt at geek chic, what do you think? I borrowed my bfs glasses for these photos. Glasses are sexy, hahaha, sometimes I wish I had a pair of my own. I love how people mix geek with fashion, alas I think I failed ^_^ . Though I love this
outfit, its fun.

New Moon is coming soon! Are you excited? I am!!!!!!! I can't wait, only a weeek and two days left.

Have a nice weekend/rest of the week. And I apologise for the lack of blogging activity atm, I promise to get back to all your lovely comments as soon as I can.



  1. When I was at high school I couldn't use the computer for doing things like this, hehe!

    You look really charming; that ribbon necklace is so cool!

  2. your make up is really cute cute cute !! And the bows are awesome !

    Hugs,dear !

  3. omg that little hat is sooo adorable! and your makeup is too cute!

  4. love ur oufit ^^

    especially the mini hat :D

  5. I love the bows! There can never be too many, especially when they are attached to teeny hats.

    New Moon!!! I'm going to see it on the 19th, I'm so excited!

  6. You look stunning here girl !

    You did the geek chic look so well and I love those glasses on you. With that adorable skirt and your mini hat pin in your hair <3

    Ohhhh I've heard so much on Portobello market and would love to go there some day.And I can't wait for New Moon tooooo

  7. i love your eye make up!!! you look so cute.. and well ive got a teal eyeliner so i better try your makeup styling :P.. i've never been in any autumn though.. as in my country.. it's rainy season now..;) how i miss the sun!!

  8. Your blog has such lovely photos! :) I really like your bow necklace and your skirt too. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!



  9. ohh, I really like this outfit,
    your skirt is to die for!
    And I really love the top hat, it's really cute


  10. Lovely cardigan and skirt! I love your little eccentric accessories! Makes the outfit so charming! xoxoxxo

  11. I love that bows!!!

    xxx from Madrid.

  12. you look so nice (: geek chic thing defo does work.
    nice blog xxx

  13. i love the sort of waffle knit of the cardigan. it looks so cozy!

  14. awesome pics and i love that skirt x

  15. what an adorable outfit! I really like your blog layout.

  16. love the geek chic, your cardi is so nice! and i agree with you about it getting dark too early, that is one thing i absolutely hate! xo

  17. Re:Ohhhh do wear out your multicolored plaid tee,I bet it looks stunning on you girl <3

  18. I´m a student and cant afford J. Choos shoes at the moment, plus, it´s 12 centimeters heels on them, no way I can pull that off! :P

    Love the cuteness in this outfit!

  19. Love the skirt! You look very sweet in that outfit.

  20. you look so cute, awesome pics and nice outfit ;)

  21. love love love your outfit!
    you look great!
    love your blog,

  22. Love your geeky look. Isn´t that skirt H&M? I think I saw one very similar yesterday. It is so cute and the necklace too. Keep that style-

    B* a la Moda

  23. i love all of the subtle touches to your outfits. the little hat and the turq eye makeup are lovely.

  24. very pretty! i love your little top hat.

    xx raez

  25. cute as outfit! love that hat, i made one just like that a while ago :)

  26. I love the little hat and your skirt!

  27. fun outfit! i like pairing my prescription glasses with certain outfits to 'geek it up'! love the bow tie necklace- too cute!

  28. I really like how you put your outfits together. The little details always make your outfits so perfect, like this one.

  29. I saw your comment on My Style Pill about her vintage watch necklace, and since we (and everyone else!) loved it so much, we commissioned local NYC designers Corvus Noir to make us some for ourselves!

    I hope you like it! Love the blog too - that sequin mini top hat is adorable!


    - Pamela

  30. aww i think you pull off the 'geek chic' thing really well! you're adorable.

    i love all the little bows. so cute!

    ♥ erica

  31. I absoulutely adore your Outfit! And we´ve got the same name :)

  32. of course ! I want to know my gifts :'D ! *joke*
    And you ?
    I read that the weather is cold in London; in Paris, it's snowing since yesterday :D !
    You're lucky that you live in London :p !

  33. Yeah, it's true .. The year has gone so fast .. in few days we will be in 2010 ! x)

    yes, I live in Paris, but there's too many people here xD !

    You know, everything on my blog is to sell x) ! So, if there's something you're interested in, tell me x) ( but the gloves are reserved )

  34. great photos & the tiny hat is really really cute


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