Polka obsession.

Bandana.Japan. Superman tee.Boyfriend's. Tutu.H&M. Tights.Ebay. Boots.Ebay.

Hihihi! tights came......eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What do you think? Right now I can imagine a bunch of outfits that I can pair these tights with (one of them including my polka dot jacket..heehee). I have a few things that have polka dots on them and each item I adore. But I'm lacking a dress with polka dots.
Hmmmmmm looking at these pictures I could really do with a denim jacket, if I had one it would go really well with this outfit, don't you think? I borrowed my boyfriend's superman tee shhhhhhhh, he doesn't know.

Atm I really really really want a faux fur jacket and am now on the hunt......hopefully I can find an oversized one. Its getting really cold already so I need something really warm but I hate how bland most coats look...blah.
I'm getting my hair cut and hopefully dyed on monday. Which is good as my hair is in dire need to be cut, my fringe is getting to a ridiculous length.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Great outfit! I love the tightss, and i went in H&M looking for that skirt; they only had it in black and pink!! Hahaa, :)

  2. The polka dot tights look so great with your outfit! I'm sure they will do wonders to other outfits as well!

  3. You look adorable, sweetheart! Those tights are gorgeous!
    can't wait for seeing you coming back from the hair salon! I've change my look on friday too, hehe!

  4. wow i love this outfit
    its sooo cute
    the shirt
    the skirt
    the tights
    the bandana turned neck tie
    the shoes
    too cute

  5. Those polka dot tights are really beautiful ! Have to go search for mine now too :)

    And that oversized tee is perfect with this out and I love Superman . heeeee

    Your tutu is perfect ! too bad there's no h&m from where I'm from.

    Do check out my blog's 1st giveaway <3

  6. Ahhh I can't wait till I get my tights that I ordered there the one's that have the letters prinited all over them... I'm dying to wear them... I love your blog it's so sweet to browse through...

    Live the youth @

  7. i love your tights! you have great personal style.


  8. Awww wow your outfit is super cute and those tights are a great find :)
    I can't wait to see your new hair!

  9. Your hair looks so fantastic! u have fabulous style :)



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