College tomorrow.

Hello. Eurghhh...the summer has gone too fast and its college tomorrow. I'm so scared in a way, a new college where I know no one. I hate those situations. I don't know what to wear as well, though I'm contemplating wearing the outfit in the second picture.
I put these up, as they are my favourite outfits from my old blog, and decided they needed to be shown some love and be posted again.

I'll do a new outfit post soon. With my new ankle boots, that I got off ebay. I can't wait for them to get here *squeals* I hope they get here tomorrow.  Gonna go and agonize some more about tomorrow heehee. Wish me luck.

Have a good week. ^_^



  1. you're rocking these 2 outfits girl !! I love the 1st dress that you wearing,love the top part of it black and white !

    And do show off your new boots soon <3

  2. Hey lovey,

    how are you?

    Don't worry they are going to love you at your new college. If they don't, im gonna have a word with the headmaster and say rather angrily "Is this place run with morons?huuuh?"That'll show em'!

    i wish you all the best on your first day sugar.

    Im a little more than jealous of your style and beauty =]! Im glad to have you as my friend cos you throw the most amazing sleepovers ever tehe.

    miss you. see you soon.

    Nancypants xoxo

  3. Cool outfits dear, you have great style <3


  4. Cool and lovely outfit!! Hope you visit my blog!

  5. The second skirt is AMAZING.

  6. i love the first outfit. is it a dress? and is that your bedroom? because, if so, it looks so classic and pretty. the paint is such a gorgeous shade.

    and good luck!!

  7. i love ur first dress..
    congratz for ur new blog, dear =D

  8. so in love with the 2nd look!!!!!!!

  9. you look so adorable in these two outfits! and i absolutely love your room, looks real sweet. i like florence and the machine too :)

    but i've not heard of this song you have on your blog. its a nice song!

  10. wow i love BOTH outfits
    esp the second one
    with the neck tie
    and hair bow
    you are sooooo

  11. I really like your clothes! esp the second one,
    I had to follow your blog!


You're the best!

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